In 1973, Nanjing Automation Research Institute was founded.

In 1989, NARI Automation Company was established.

In 1992, the first UHV relay protection device, the first SCADA/EMS system, the first substation integrated automation system and the large hydropower station computer monitoring system were independently developed in China. 

In 1996, Extended Equal Area Criterion (EEAC) was invented. 

In 2003, NARI Technology Co., Ltd. was listed at the Shanghai Stock Exchange (600406).

In 2008, NARI expanded its business unit from secondary system to primary electric equipment and technology.

In 2013, amorphous alloy transformer and energy-saving service industry was developed

In 2015, the State Key Laboratory for "Smart Grid Protection and Operation Control" was established.

In 2017, it accomplished the assets reorganization and achieved overall listing of its core business assets.

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